A Guide to Spectra Sculpt's ORION

Introducing the Spectra Sculpt ORION device, the premium at-home contouring solution. This device contains a unique calibration within the microcurrent spectrum, making it superior to any other product on the market. The ORION device is designed to target all areas of the face and legs with only one placement, as it contains a calculated radius that prevents users from strengthening the wrong muscle groups.

Using the ORION device is simple and easy to do in the comfort of your own home. For the face and neck, the conductors can be placed anywhere in the target area, without the need to move outside this region to target all facial areas. The device has two levels for general cellular repair, and level three for circulation and intense treatment.

Spectra Sculpt Guide / How To

When using the device on your legs, you can place the conductors aligned to the front or the back. However, it is important to avoid placing the device directly on the knee or groin. The ORION device has level three for cellulite, and levels one and two for regeneration and recovery.

To ensure maximum effectiveness and avoid discomfort, it is recommended to increase treatment time and level slowly and stop where it feels comfortable for you. The density of your tissue will determine how much electrical impulses your skin can tolerate. The device has three levels, ranging from low to moderate and maximum with 8000 rpm.

Before using the ORION device, make sure to gently wash your face and avoid using any oil-based products or heavy skincare. Users with facial hair or excessive peach fuzz should shave before treatment to avoid any interference with the conductivity and possible irritations. Additionally, it is important to remove any jewelry or piercings before use.

Users with sensitive skin must use the multiplex conductive gel pads underneath the conductors. These pads are reusable up to 10-15 times. It is important to clean the device with a dry microfiber cloth and place the multiplex conductive gel pad on the conductors before each use.

To use the ORION device, place it around your head and ensure that both massage heads are well-placed on your cheeks. Adjust the handles to your comfort level. Alternatively, the device can be placed on the lower part of your thigh to help fight cellulite and sagging skin. Enjoy your treatment for a maximum of 15 minutes, and modify the time to your comfort level. It is important to note that tolerance may vary from user to user, and treatment should never feel uncomfortable.

It is important to start slow when using the ORION device. If you are new to using it, begin with 3-5 minutes on level one and work your way up to avoid overstimulation and/or irritation. With proper use and care, the Spectra Sculpt ORION device can help you achieve the contouring results you desire in the comfort of your own home.

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